Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So long

To whom it may concern: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE POSTER!!
I am leaving Raymond in about 20 min and I just had to make time to let you all know that I LOVE it and am going to miss you all!! AUSTRALIA HERE I COME

Sunday, February 15, 2009

oh paper boy

Now I have always though that blogs are for people with kids…peter is that to me or at least he thinks I am his mom. Paying for stuff, picking him up, taking him lunch, this kid just can't function without me!! Haha
But it has become a little tradition for me to drive him on his paper route. What a pain…except that I am actually going to miss it or him one of the two.

Such good help i have

In my first post I asked if anyone knew how to pack for a trip like this.
Just my luck no one responded…so I got peter to help me as you can see he is really good at it! NOT.
I have made around 20 lists and can’t find one. I have been washing my clothes and then ironing them all (apparently if you iron them you can fit a lot more in your bag so that is what I have been doing) This morning mom walked into the kitchen and started one of her laughing fits when she saw me ironing my underwear…what? I need the space.

The day of LOVE

Grayden and Claudia have really out done themselves this Valentines day. But just the same happy Valentines day to me. Thank you so much I will always know what time it is even though I will be so far away from you. Love you mom and dad!

Oh how i love Alberta

Can you say BEAUTIFUL!

I have been saying how I want it to snow so
So bad before I leave but all it was doing was melting away then one morning
I work up to this. I was so happy. I am in love with Alberta it will always be home sweet home!

My 10 favorite things about home.

1. Waterton
2. going to the grandparents on Sunday
3.good old family pranks
4.videos with the cousins
5.family home evening?? Siblings you understand
6.when mom changes the curtains for every season
7.when dad puts the head phones on to play the piano and sings…?
8.aunts uncles and cousins naturally
10.the back yard in the summer time

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can i do anything normal?

Hello people that blog...I am new at this so let me just explain something to you, I cant spell, I am really bad at telling story's (if its not in person) and I am retarded when it comes to computers...and I have decided to make a blog to document my trip to AUSTRALIA!!
I move Feb 17Th. That was not a spelling mistake yes I meant move not just a trip I am moving across
the world how do you pack for that?
I have promised my sisters that I will keep them up to speed while I am there and Jacklyn said this is the way to do it