Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh to be me.

Alright alright so here is the story, this weekend I was just sitting there watching conference like a good little girl taking notes and then BOOM it happened.
There is something you should know about me, I keep a journal. I have ever since I can remember... they are all lame and talk about stupid things that I wish never to remember ever again. So back to my point, when I get a new journal I pick random pages and leave myself little notes like "ANG go shopping and get a new shirt" or "ANG stop being a loser and go DO SOMETHING FUN" stuff like that! WELL much to my surprise I was taking some notes during the saturday morning session and there it was "July 14th 2009- ANG you have to kiss a boy and make a new blog post by tonight"
GREAT! My plan was to make a blog post about kissing a boy and even tho I had some friends offer it just didn't happen so here I am making a blog post about not kissing a boy.... LAME! haha
K but really I am just here to say I SUCK AT BLOGGING but I want to be better because in reality my days are always so far from normal I have to tell someone other than my journal every night. So this blog is for you.... you being the person sitting on their computer that clicked on someones blog that led you to another one and then to another one till BAM you read a post and not just look at the pictures. Hope you like. This is me Angela Bridge enjoy!