Monday, March 23, 2009

after my "shower" and Day 2

 Warning if you did not read my last post you might want to do that before you even think about reading this!! 
 I followed Luke to the end of the hall and was introduced to my room. The foam that was once in the back seat of the truck was now placed over a stained mattress, now acting as my bed. He gave me a blanket (a brown one... one of those ones that have like a eagle or a deer on it) I had brought my own pillow. (thank goodness) 
I did my best to "make my bed." I decided that the best way to do it was to fold the blanket in half and sleep in it like a sleeping bag with hopes that I would not touch the foam with my bare skin.  
Then i had my "shower" and when i got back into my room i decided it was time to change my socks, as i was doing so, i happened to look up.  My attention was drawn to the poster at the head of my bed.  Two hot babes in leather on a motor bike, charming!
 I had to leave my room to find a bin (garbage) so i could dispose of my socks, naturally. While i was out i decided i needed to be social and get to know my fellow workers. 
They were all siting on the couches, so i sat on the corner of the bed that was in the living room. When i sat down i felt something roll down that mattress and pool at my butt (the way sand does when you are at the beach and sit on a towel savy ?) Well it was just like that, but in my case it was mouse poop... i could not breath. I held my breath, stood up, and said no thank you to the 3 beers handed in my direction still holding my breath all the way to my room. When i shut the door, i did my "grossed out dance." It looks something like me jumping around flaling my arms and having a very sick look on my face followed by the quivers. 
     When i got myself together i decided i was going to do my crest white strips, write in my journal and then try to sleep. As i was putting on my white strips a mozzie (i am so all about aussie slang) landed on it and got suck.... because why, i am Angela Bridge and why would that not happen to me. I just turned off the light put my Ipod on and tried to sleep. However, my Ipod died after the first 30 seconds. Sweet dreams angie cat, sweet dreams. 
( Description of the kitchen-the counters were covered in a thick layer of dead bugs, i don't think they had ever been washed. The sink was white now turned brown and i do believe the garbage had been there since the "house" was built) 
    Peter gave me a bang on the door to get up but i was already awake; i had to pee since 5:30 but i didn't want to bump into anyone on the way to the bathroom... and well i didn't want a frog to bite my bum. Breakfast consisted of wheat bix (just like shreded wheat at home) so i put one in my bowl and went for the milk... yah it was like 4% i swear i took one bite and the cream instantly coasted my mouth and i found it hard to swallow. That was nice since i forgot my toothbrush, the good old finger scrub did the trick (tear tear). We ( me, luke,peter) you know the "crew" watched the morning show and then took off to the field. 
   Another long day at the office as tina would say but for me no..... another long day on a combine with luke. for those of you that have not been in a combine i will en-lighten you. 2 seats the driver seat bounces up and down so that you "move with the combine" and the other one you feel like your bum is going to break when you hit bumps. So just me and Luke all day long .... all day.... no time apart... ALL DAY. Luke does not listen the radio so it was just the buzz of the combine that we rocked out to. The one time that he did turn it on; i almost pinched myself again.  i had to look out the window to stop from laughing when he started to dance to the beat. The truck drivers kept trying to talk to me on the 2 way radio, they said they liked my accent... did i feel violated or a little creeped out who me ... no never! 
 When we were done, we headed to town. Now, ask me what i did for St Paddys Day? I went to the pub and watched people get drunk in green sequence... why yes... yes i did. Oh and i also ordered the veggie soup with a roll. (that seemed safe?) So I went outside to call Max and Mel to tell them about my day, and Luke was just going to order for me. When i got back inside he told me that they got me the St Paddys Day special... can you guess... Irish stew.....yum right? Well it smelt like my shower and looked like well...not good. I kept putting salt on it so that i could at least eat the potato. Luke laughed at me and said " my wife really likes pepper too" I HATE PEPPER !!the pepper here is not only did i have irish stew it was really hot from all the pepper i added YUM.
               I feel like this is way to long, but i cant get it all in with just a little post! 
    We got back and i had yet another "shower." ( this time i washed my feet and face and i think i smelt worse after) I went to sleep as fast i could. I got up the next morning to find out that peter was going to finish the field that luke and I had been working on. I have to get tecnical here. The field we had been working on for 2 days was 400 acers. Peter was taking over this one and we were off for a 3 hr drive to start a new field that was 1000 acers do you feel my pain? So now we were going to be gone till friday night. I almost started to cry tears of fear. On our way to this field of death, we stoped at a old family friends house. Cliffie was older and drove a Doge, this was the point of the stop. To see Cliffies truck it was american and very cool, i guess. (Cliffie was a 64 year old chain smoker and welder...and i might add he was a hot old guy !! i'm sorry but its true) The best year of his life was 47... i know this because i asked him why his license plate said "clifi 47" what a cool guy eh. 
     I prayed like i have never prayed before and i kid you not it started raining buckets. Jacklyn asked me how i got home and i told her "threw the mercy of prayer". I could not stop smiling and when i got back (after the 
4 hr drive) i planted my self on the kitchen floor and just was happy to be home. 


Friday, March 20, 2009

Do one thing a day that scares you...not 500!

My brother Max thought he would be a good older brother and find me a job, luck fell upon us and one of his patients just so happened to be a farmer that was looking for some people to drive his combines. My brother told him about me and poof I got the job. So Luke (my boss) came to pick me up at 6:00 am March 15th. Now I must add, when I was told about the job they said that we would be doing some over night jobs, but they pay for everything food, hotel the works, so I agreed. Little did I know that my first job was 3 days long. When I got in his truck that fateful day and he pointed to the foam in the back seat and said "thats your bed" I almost started crying on the spot. I asked him if we were picking up anyone else, he said no, and we had 3 hours to go till we got to the field. So off we went just me and my good old buddy Luke. About 15 min into the drive BOOM we hit a kangaroo..... on my side!!! You would have thought that the hit would have been a good conversation starter but other than some foul language on his part, you would have thought it never happened. No more that 10 min later BANG we hit a wild turkey that smashed in the front window (on his side) and once again nothing. Other than the glass flying threw the car and some VERY foul language on his part again NOTHING it didn't even come up in conversation. I was trying to control myself from laughing at him so  I looked out my window and pinched my leg so hard to stop from laughing! (later i looked and there was a bruise)  We continued driving but he had to lean over to look through the passenger side of the truck... it was not awkward or uncomfortable..... not one bit! 
We made a stop at one of his friends houses to get something while we were there I pulled out my cell phone to see if I could get some service. There I was in a pink shirt, shorts, a big flower bag, pink cell phone and my big white sun glasses with about 5 Australian farmers. After I came to the sad reality that I was not going to get service I went over to the truck where they were all talking..... it was silent for a moment and one of them said "wow you just fit right in here don't you" 
At last we got to the farm where we would be picking up the combine to take to the field. While we were there a man (about 6.1, 300 pounds, big old hat and a THICK accent) said we could sleep in the farm house. I turned to look at it but all i could see was a shed. After unpacking all the stuff out of the truck into the "farm house" we headed down to the field to get started. Luke said to me "Ang you hop in the truck and i will direct you on the 2 way radio" So i got in the truck that was pulling a trailer, stick shift, smashed in window AND I have never driven on the other side of the road before. READY SET JUMP! 
I don't know how I managed but after stalling only 4 times, accidentally leaving the park break on and driving on the wrong side of the high way twice, I lived.
 This day just did not want to end. But when we were done at the field we headed into town where we should have a beer at the local pub and just "relax" I really fit in with my pink shirt and coke with a straw (picture it) 
The climax of this tragic tail was when we got back to the "farm house"  Peter (Lukes old man about 5.5 skinny 3 maybe 4 front teeth) pulled a towel out of his backpack and handed it to me "Here Ang you can go take a shower" I almost started crying I held it together until I got into the bathroom. The Tub was covered in dead flies and a cockroach was crawling around the drain, the sink had a spider-web covering half of t, and I swear I heard a frog in the toilet. Luke had told me there was soap in the shower and when I saw it that was the end; I started dry heaving and ran to my "room" to get my camera. I was crying/laughing!! The soap was about 10 bars all used and stuck together with bugs and crap covering the dish. You pick up one and you pick up all. I could not force myself to shower so I just turned the tap on with a square of TP and ran the water for 10 min standing outside the shower trying not to breath in the smell of the water. ( it smelt like cow poop) So there I was in what I thought was the closest thing you could get to a "beef sauna" wishing I could tap my heals and GO HOME .... but sadly I am not Dorthy. 
To be Continued....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I think I'm gonna like it here! (you have to sing it just like off Annie)

To eat list

Meat Pie! This was the first thing that i had in Australia Peta and Jason were really really good about getting me to try all the food aussies love. It was really good but i don't understand why they put mushed up peas on the top? I also tried a cherry ripe a caramel koala, ginger beer, fish and chips WITH  chicken salt and last but defiantly not least tim tams and a tim tam slam!! 

Down Under

Hello family and friends i have been trying to get to a computer to do some updating so here i am. I have done so many things since I have been here. I will start at the beginning. To start how about the plane. My seat was in the side but in the middle: I sat between a girl and a auzzie guy. We were talking getting along great when i asked the question "how long have you been away from home?" he looked at me all confused like and said "I'm english"... there was a very long uncomfortable silence and then the drink cart came around....i was a little embarrassed to say the least. But it was ok i popped 2 tylenol pm's and was out for the next 10hr's. When i first landed I was wandering around the airport i must have looked like a lost puppy because an aussie lady asked me where i was off to. I told her and then she told me where to go but i could not really understand her and i just said thank you so much and then stood their. She put her hands on her hips looked me down like I was stupid and said "what the hell are you doing still standin here gate 8" I felt so stupid i ran to gate  8 AHAHA!! When i got to the air port in Brisbane Peta picked me up, she lives in Brisbane and is the nicest person ever. She made me feel right at home in a very big different place.