Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day hey hey hey

 Last week i went to the store to get good old Max a fathers day gift. When i got to the store i asked this girl who was working where something was, she said she was not sure where it was but she would look. So she came back and said how she didn't know. "DANG " i said, then i turned to her and said "well what are you getting you dad for fathers day i have no good ideas" she looked at me (with the same look i get from ALOT from people here and said "umm... i have not really though about it" then turned and walked away. 
I ended up getting him this protein shake stuff he likes and sunday after church i got the boys to give it to him with a big pink bow on it! He was was a little surprised... turns out fathers-day is in september in Australia who new? That girl must have though i was a stress case. If she only new that my talent was procrastination. 
And to top it off it was the next sunday that it was fathers-day back home. I still let max keep the lovely gift... he deserved it!! 
OH  and Happy Fathers Day Father!!  

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My almost Friend

Off the top of my head lets talk about friends today.

Back home I have friends i really do. They are funny,lame,odd,beautiful and the best part is that we don't have to try to have fun. Some of my favorite memories come from hanging out in someones kitchen (kitchen how typical) Oh how i miss those days. Now in the land down under its a little harder to just chill with some "home g's" you know?
In my current situation instead of friends I have the girls at the salon. Instead of laughing (and i mean really laughing) i do the "polite grin" man i hate the polite grin. Then to top it off, instead of a kitchen, the comfort place where bonding happens, I have a crowded back room at a salon. The dryer never stops tumbling, rollers fall in your food and there are 8 different perfumes spritzed ever 20min. Cheers
Last Monday i worked at the other salon (there are 2 salons with the same owner and since i am casual i jump around where they need me) So i was working at "Jtwo" I met a new girl ( not new to the salon just new to me) lets call her "red". Me and Red really hit if off you know, we were chatting and getting along great. Other than the fact that she informed me that she was going to get a pack-man tatoo on the bottom of her toes... she seemed really nice, and dare i say normal?
Someone I could chill with? Before i new it we had made plans to go to the show on Saturday night. All week i thought about Zach... naturally we were going t see "17 again" Tina said it was a must see and she knows her acting (i think she should be a movie critic) Anywho I cleared my schedule for Saturday night WHOOT WHOOT.
I worked at "J two" on Saturday, I was glad i had a friend there to talk to. And yes i mean " had" as in past-tense.
When i got to work i looked for my friend Red. She was about 5.7 short brown hair, kind eyes and really smiley! I looked around the salon and could not see her welcome face anywhere. I finally caved and asked one of the girls where she was... She pointed. Accross the room, sitting in a chair, head down... was Red. She had jeans on... they had straps and snaps all over the legs... a tight high neck red tank-top and a fuzzy gray scarf (and not a fashion scarf....more of a winter look) Her hair was now a bright solid purple/red and all fuzzy. Her once kind eyes were now smudged black and her smile was now replaced with a "i feel like i an going to vomit" formation. She sat there with a bag of buns (she said they help with the hang over)

Oh the way we were.. just 5 short days ago. Needless to say i think she had forgotten about "Zach time" And why do I call her Red? Well it's a combination really, her top and her hair... sweet as.. sweet as!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Time I Fell For The SoAp MAN

Sometimes people make mistakes.

Sometimes our senses are just not working.

Sometimes we are merely blinded..... in my case it was a peace of fabric?

I can remember the day well. You know how it is... the salon is crazy.. people coming and going. You book up so fast that you don't have time to stop and see what's right in front of you. Well i decided to slow down "smell the roses" if you will. So i was directed to the men's section where my next client was caped and ready for a hair cut.(I only take 15 min for a men's cut but i was booked out 30, so i could have a quick break) I introduced myself and started up some small talk. Before i new it we were chatting away, talking about travel, shopping, you name it. Other than the fact that he was going bald and had a mullet, i could not stop enjoying out conversation! He sat quite tall in his chair meaning he was tall, and that made me happy. I found that all my bottled up flirtatious energy was leaking out into our conversation. Some of the girls were staring at me, but i could not see why. I was blinded i suppose.

Before i new it my next client was waiting and the 30 min had passed. It felt to soon. Our time ran out so fast... to fast i thought to myself as i took off the cape. And then.... my mind froze. There standing before me was a 5.5 man in a tank top and short short short short (jean cutoffs). I will never understand that clothing choice for a dude. As i rang the hair cut into the computer, he was still talking i tried to focus but my mind was still frozen on his hairy legs and short shorts.

When he left the girls came up to me and asked what we were talking about, for the life of me I could not remember. They then told me that he was the "soap man" (the dude who sells soap at the stand in the mall) A flush of blood filled my cheeks. The soap man blinded me. I don't know if it was the deception of his height of his cheese grin but i was blinded bye love... or was it a cape?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My youth ... its gone...

April 17th 2009... that was the day. It came to soon ya know... i was just not mentally ready for it. What was "it " you might ask.. "it" was my title. My excuse for a lot of the things i do, my spunk, My teenage years!! I regretfully was forced by time to drop the "teen" and become 20. I'M 20!

The ring is just not there anymore, you know the enthusiasm "teen" brings to a sentence when pronounced... its just not there when you say twenty. My teens, were taken from me.

I have struggled ever since that fateful day to think positively, reminding myself that i am still ME. I can still get away with things like Christmas cards harmless pranks and music videos. After i gave this some serious thought though i came to the conclusion that this is a new leaf. My 20's... they could be amazing, possibly even better then my teen years. Things were looking up. Until i went to work.

My first client, she was shy.... didn't talk much. But after about 15 min she warmed up and started to talk to me. It came up that it was her birthday. I decided right then and there that i was going to style her hair SO CUTE, just to make her day even better ( and not charge her, hey I'm a nice girl). So i mentally decided this and kept our conversation going. Some time passed and she asked me how old i was, i told her to guess (excited to here her answer)
I wish i could un-hear what i heard. My ears burned, my thoughts swelled and I was forced to keep my tear ducts under control. She answered light and breezy " late twenties....29 i would say"
I wanted to take the clippers to her now perfect concave bob. I now regretted spending so much time smoothing out the fuzzy 22 year old curls. Who did she think she was ripping my 20's from me like that? i only just got them. I only just accepted the fact that my 20' s could be great. And she had the nerve to think that "late 20's...29 i think" was not going to hurt.. far out!
But what could i do? I smiled the polite smile and said "oh just a little off, but dont worry, i get it all the time". I lied, I do NOT get it all the time. The fact is that if i did get that all the time i would be in for some SERIOUS BOTOX. I'm only 20.... and i love it?