Thursday, June 18, 2009

My almost Friend

Off the top of my head lets talk about friends today.

Back home I have friends i really do. They are funny,lame,odd,beautiful and the best part is that we don't have to try to have fun. Some of my favorite memories come from hanging out in someones kitchen (kitchen how typical) Oh how i miss those days. Now in the land down under its a little harder to just chill with some "home g's" you know?
In my current situation instead of friends I have the girls at the salon. Instead of laughing (and i mean really laughing) i do the "polite grin" man i hate the polite grin. Then to top it off, instead of a kitchen, the comfort place where bonding happens, I have a crowded back room at a salon. The dryer never stops tumbling, rollers fall in your food and there are 8 different perfumes spritzed ever 20min. Cheers
Last Monday i worked at the other salon (there are 2 salons with the same owner and since i am casual i jump around where they need me) So i was working at "Jtwo" I met a new girl ( not new to the salon just new to me) lets call her "red". Me and Red really hit if off you know, we were chatting and getting along great. Other than the fact that she informed me that she was going to get a pack-man tatoo on the bottom of her toes... she seemed really nice, and dare i say normal?
Someone I could chill with? Before i new it we had made plans to go to the show on Saturday night. All week i thought about Zach... naturally we were going t see "17 again" Tina said it was a must see and she knows her acting (i think she should be a movie critic) Anywho I cleared my schedule for Saturday night WHOOT WHOOT.
I worked at "J two" on Saturday, I was glad i had a friend there to talk to. And yes i mean " had" as in past-tense.
When i got to work i looked for my friend Red. She was about 5.7 short brown hair, kind eyes and really smiley! I looked around the salon and could not see her welcome face anywhere. I finally caved and asked one of the girls where she was... She pointed. Accross the room, sitting in a chair, head down... was Red. She had jeans on... they had straps and snaps all over the legs... a tight high neck red tank-top and a fuzzy gray scarf (and not a fashion scarf....more of a winter look) Her hair was now a bright solid purple/red and all fuzzy. Her once kind eyes were now smudged black and her smile was now replaced with a "i feel like i an going to vomit" formation. She sat there with a bag of buns (she said they help with the hang over)

Oh the way we were.. just 5 short days ago. Needless to say i think she had forgotten about "Zach time" And why do I call her Red? Well it's a combination really, her top and her hair... sweet as.. sweet as!!


  1. ok i seriously laughed out loud- cridict?? honestly?? ha ha

    come home tina misses you. oh me and Chloe too. not to mention landon will be home shortly!!!

  2. maybe you need to move to brisbane ;) hehe

  3. Oh poor Red, You make me laugh, and that is a good thing. I can't even stand the fact that you are not going to be with us this summer. Tear tear

  4. this is hilarious Angela. you know about friends!! you make me laugh in person and by reading, thanks.