Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day hey hey hey

 Last week i went to the store to get good old Max a fathers day gift. When i got to the store i asked this girl who was working where something was, she said she was not sure where it was but she would look. So she came back and said how she didn't know. "DANG " i said, then i turned to her and said "well what are you getting you dad for fathers day i have no good ideas" she looked at me (with the same look i get from ALOT from people here and said "umm... i have not really though about it" then turned and walked away. 
I ended up getting him this protein shake stuff he likes and sunday after church i got the boys to give it to him with a big pink bow on it! He was was a little surprised... turns out fathers-day is in september in Australia who new? That girl must have though i was a stress case. If she only new that my talent was procrastination. 
And to top it off it was the next sunday that it was fathers-day back home. I still let max keep the lovely gift... he deserved it!! 
OH  and Happy Fathers Day Father!!  


  1. it's ok to get ahead of yourself. thanks for the Happy Father's Day greeting. you have a great Dad. love, Mom

  2. Hey Ang - you know that face that Aussies give you? well, i used to get it all the time in canada - kinda like 'what did you just say - or what are you talking about?' ahhh the good old days. *takes me back
    Hope youre having fun with max and mel and the boys! You'll have a great time with your bro soon though huh?

  3. Angela, so maybe you have noticed now that I frequent your blog for my personal entertainment....but I am so glad I did today because we had the same dilema. Kyle went to church and as I was skyping my parents asked about father's day and I said "WHAT!" so we pulled together something quick before Kyle got home. He said he forgot too and that they did and said nothing about it at church. We found that so odd, as we do many things....up until today we did not realize that it really was not Father's Day. So thanks for helping me out on that one, maybe I will remember the real one